It’s no secret the job market is competitive. We have the ability to search and find 100s of jobs with the touch of a few buttons on a computer – this also means recruiters and employers have 100s of applicants and resumes to file through. Creating a resume that stands out and highlights you above the rest is what we should strive for. If you’ve followed the steps of creating an attention grabbing resume, are you ready to submit your resume


Here are 5 things to do before submitting your resume!


1- Proofread, proofread, & tailor

The most common mistake recruiters and employers see on a resume are spelling errors, grammar errors, or even worse – the wrong position being highlighted. This mistake is easily avoidable! The best way to ensure your resume is ready to send in is to proofread more than once, and get a second set of eyes on your writing… Every resume you submit should be tailored to the job you are applying to. While proofreading, make sure your resume is detailed to the position of interest.


2- Check your social media profiles

Do you have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram account? If you do – it is central that you check your profiles and make sure they are interview-ready. You could be the most qualified applicant on paper, but an old Facebook profile picture of you at a frat party looking like you had a little too much to drink could be the determining  factor between you and another applicant. Your social media appearance is a representation of you – make it a good one.


3- Name, rank, serial number

There are rules to a resume, but these rules give you some leeway in how you can highlight your skills to make you stand out from the rest. After getting through the basics of your name, background, and previous experience – make sure you highlight the successes you’ve had in your career your skills. Your resume can follow a format and still be exciting, give the reader something that attracts attention to you.


4-  Does your contact information match up?

Before saving your resume, double check your contact information. Is this the phone number you want to be used when contacted? Is this the email address you use for personal and work purposes? Having a professional email address on your resume is an accent on yourself.  If your email address is something like –  – it’s probably in your best interest to create an address with your first and/or last name.

Now that you have a professional email address the next step is to make sure you are sending in your resume from that email address. You do not want to make the mistake of sending your resume from and having as your contact email on your resume.

5-  Saving your resume

After putting in so much detail and hard-work into your resume, don’t make the silly mistake of saving your resume without an appropriate title. Saving your resume under an appropriate title helps you stay organized, and also helps the reader identify you and the job you’re applying for. Your resume should be saved under –

Last name, First name, Job position



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