You’ve read every blog on interview tips and still feel like you’re missing something. We’ve put together some advice from our recruiters to help fill in those missing pieces – just for you.


Research the company.

– Understand their business and what makes them unique.

– Know their product/culture

– Look at the background of the interviewer – know something about them, maybe a mutual experience/acquaintance

– Review their social media accounts to get a better feel of their company culture.


Social Media

– Recruiters’ love LinkedIn – make sure your profile is not missing any valuable information.

– Make sure your social media accounts do not have any public information you wouldn’t want your recruiter, employer, or interviewer to see.


Be Prepared

– Have 2-3 questions written down to ask during your interview.

– Be able to have an informed conversation about the business.

– Think like the prospective employer – what would you want to see in a candidate?


Interview prep

– Have your recruiter go over interview preparation with you.

– Mock interviews are a great way to ensure you are prepared for the interview.

Dress Code

– Know the general dress code that is acceptable for your prospective employer. Always dress accordingly to the corporate culture.

During the interview

– If something comes up that is a concern, be flexible and open minded in the beginning stages. Don’t let minor details take away from your enthusiasm or ability to perform the job.

– Answer questions as if the entire hiring decision rests on the next 3-4 sentences you say.

– Be confident – highlight your biggest career accomplishments. You can start by saying…
“I did ____ which resulted in $___ in additional revenues.”

– Stay on topic. Stick to the relevant skill-sets you bring to the table for the employer and try not to go off on a tangent of unrelated topics.

Post interview

– Follow-up right away with a thank you note (handwritten is always a winner).

– When the interview Is over, make it very clear to the interviewer that you can do the job that you’re interviewing for and you want the job.

“Be prepared, be passionate, be interested and be interesting!”

  Rich Papike – President


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