Rejection happens… Even to the best of us. You spent all this time and energy detailing your resume, applying for the job, interviewing with the company, and you were rejected. So now what?

Here are a few tips on dealing with rejection and how to make a come-back that will make the employer who turned you down in the first place rethink their decision.

  1. Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.First things first, you cannot let your rejection ruin your confidence – no matter how perfect of a match you felt you were for the job. Confidence is key to a job search and if you feel worthless and self-loathing, odds are you won’t get the next job either. Be confident in yourself – you’ll get an even better job.
  2. Don’t over analyze.  Don’t assume that you did something wrong and that’s why you didn’t get the job. If you left your interview confident and felt like you just had the best interview of your life, more likely than not you didn’t do anything wrong. You can replay the interview over and over again, but this will only keep you stuck in an interviewing rut.  If you’re the type of person who needs closure, follow-up with your interviewer and ask them how you can improve. Be proud of yourself, it takes courage to interview for any job.
  3. “No” does not mean it’s the end.  No matter how badly you wanted this one job, being turned down does not mean it is the end. There are hundreds of other opportunities at your doorstep that are just waiting for you to take advantage of them. Sometimes rejection can be a blessing in disguise – perhaps you were so consumed by wanting the job that you never realized the company culture was not a good fit for you and you would have been miserable. “No” is not the end of your job search, don’t give up and keep searching for your perfect match.
  4. Remember, it’s nothing personal.  It can be difficult not to take rejection personally. It’s important to remember that there are lots of behind-the-scenes decisions that are made during the hiring process. Let’s say you are the perfect candidate for the job or even a little over qualified – the hiring managers realize this but also note that they won’t be able to afford you because you’re out of their league. Job-rejection is nothing personal and you should not make it personal. By making rejection personal you go back into the deep dark hole of disappointment and negativity. Keep going – your future job is closer than you think.
  5. Relax and move on.  If you continue to obsess over the rejection, all your attention and energy will only be on rejection. Your job search is not over and you will find the best-matched job for you. Job searching is a competitive field and also one that requires persistence, positivety, and resilience. You will bounce-back from this rejection, it is not the end. Relax and move on with your job search.


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