A job interview should be just as much of an interview for you of the company as it is for your interviewer of you. The job position may seem like a great fit for you on paper, but it’s important to use your interview to determine if the company is the right match for you.

Here are 3 questions you should be asking your interviewer at the end of your interview.


1. Why did you join this company and how has it changed since you’ve been here?
Why does your interviewer work for the company? Do they enjoy the company culture or are they just here because it’s a job? Asking your interviewer what they enjoy about working for the company is a great way to better understand the company culture
2. What can I do to quickly make an impact and what will be the measured to determine my success? 
How would you rate your own work ethic? By asking them what the expectations are for the job position, you can articulate what successes you’ve had in previous positions that are relevant to the needs of the new company.
 3. What’s the next step in the process?
Asking your interviewer what the next step is, is not a buzz kill for the interview. You don’t want to leave the interview confused about when they are going to be in touch with you. Asking what the next step is also shows your interest in the job.

Remember; ask your questions at the end of your interview before it comes to a close. This is your an opportunity to tell them that based on what you’ve learned, you are certain that your background is aligned with their needs.  Make sure you let them know you understand what needs to be done, you’ve done it in your previous position and you can’t wait to join such a great company!

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