Searching for your dream job?

Have you been feeling sluggish in your job? You hate showing up for work, it’s not the field you envisioned yourself to be in. Yet you are stuck in a career you don’t want to be a part of. Finding your dream job can be easier than you think. Here are 3 steps to finding your dream job.

Step 1 – Follow your passion.
What are you passionate about? What wakes you up in the morning? Defining your passion should be pressure free. Simply ask yourself what you love to do. When you love what you do, your job won’t feel like work.

Step 2 – Money is not the motivation.
The main incentive for most people when it comes to the work force is money. When you let money become your sole motivation you can lose track of what makes you happy.  Don’t let the compensation drive your decision on whether or not you will take the job.

Step 3 – Find your comfort zone and break it.
Many of us let fear rule our careers. When you fear failure and rejection, you become comfortable with your current situation because well, it’s easy. Change can be scary, but one change can lead you to happier life and career. Define your comfort zone and go beyond it

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