The top 7 things to never ever do during a job interview.



There is a fine line between what you should and should not do in a Job Interview. We all know the basics of how we should behave in a job interview but what should you absolutely never do in a job interview? Here are 7 things you should never ever do during a job interview.

1. Arrive Late.

  • You want to show your interviewer that you have a grasp on time management. Always give yourself an hour to travel to your interview location. It’s better to be early than late.

2. Lie.

  • If you’ve turned in a resume claiming you were the lead Opera singer at the Sydney Opera House, you can probably bet you’ll be asked to sing a song. Always be honest about your expertise and background.

3. Road Rage, Receptionist and Office Staff.

  • Your interview starts the minute you leave your house. Don’t let road rage get the best of you on your drive or in the parking lot – you never know who is driving next to you or waiting for the parking spot. Always treat the receptionist and office staff as if they were who was interviewing you, be friendly and polite.

4. Inappropriate Body Language.

  • You are not having a casual cup of coffee with your friend. Be on your best professional behavior. This means no yawning, stretching, rolling your eyes, sour looks, or slouched sitting. Smile and have a welcoming demeanor. Sit up tall and try to keep your hands in your lap, keep ‘hand-talking’ to a minimum.

5. Be Unprepared.

  • Just like you would never judge a book by its cover, never judge a job by its title. Do your research of the job and what the position requires. Also research the company and know what their goals are as well as what they stand for. This ensures there will be no surprise questions you cannot answer about the company or job position.

6. Filler Words.

  • “I, like, was in charge of the, um, technical…” You get the point. Filler Words such as ‘like’ or ‘um’ are distracting and make you look un-qualified. If you’re a nervous speaker, have a friend do a Mock-Interview with you before the big day. Draft a list of questions that could be asked and review your answers. You want to be as professional as possible with your choice of words.

7. Dress Inappropriately.

  • Just as you need to talk to the talk, you need to dress the part. The second thing your interviewer will judge you on, after your resume, is your appearance. First impressions are everlasting and your attire plays a huge role in how that goes.

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