The Pros and Cons of Job-Hopping.



In the past, Job-Hopping has been considered a bad thing to do. The negative stigma of job-hopping and your career is no longer true. The job market has seen a change over the past several years, and job-hopping has become a new trend in the work-field.

There are many negative connotations that follow job-hopping. Such as, not being a loyal employee, lack of commitment to their job, or simply someone that cannot keep a job. But, these assumptions do not hold to be as true as they used to.

Here are a few pros and cons on the new stigma of job-hopping.

Benefits of Job Hopping

1. Gain Knowledge and Skills
Every company operates differently, even if the job title is the same. You will gain a variety of new skills at each company that could help you land the job you choose to stay at until retirement.

2. Exposure
Companies are unique because of their culture. When job-hopping, you are exposed to multiple types of company cultures and have to learn to adapt. Job-hopping also has the potential for re-location. You can be exposed to not only a different company culture, but also different cultures around the globe. This can teach you how to work with a diverse population, and be successful no matter what type of personality you are working with.

3. Earn more
A pay-raise at a job you’ve been at for a long period of time can be rare. When you job-hop it opens the door for salary negotiation. Job-hopping is one way to start making what you deserve and finally get the salary increase you’ve been waiting for.

4. Opportunity
It could be years at one company to see the promotion you’ve been working so hard for. If you’re beginning to feel like the promotion is not happening in an appropriate timely manner, consider job-hopping. Job-hopping could be the key to your promotion and climbing up the ladder in your career.

5. Advance
Job-hopping can open many doors for advancement in your career and life. If you are unhappy in your current job it’s time to think about what is causing the unhappiness, and consider making a change.

Cons of Job-Hopping

1. Loyalty
Tenure used to be one of the most valued things on a resume because it showed your loyalty. Trust is built through the employee and employer over time. Your qualifications can speak for themselves, but an employer needs to know how reliable and committed you are to the job position.

2. Limited Growth
By leaving a job too soon, you are walking away from long-term opportunities a company could offer.

Is job-hopping the right decision for you?

Ask yourself these questions before deciding if job-hopping is or isn’t the right choice for you.
1. What are your career goals? Can they be met at one company?
2. Have you maxed out at your current job?
3. Is there long-term potential at your current company?

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