3 easy steps on how to wrap up your job interview.



When your job interview comes to an end, you want to go out with a bang. You shouldn’t leave an interview unsure about where you stand with the employer. You want to be confident knowing whether or not you were the right match for the job. Your nerves will have calmed down, and you can close the interview professionally. Here are 3 easy steps to wrap up your interview!
1. Reinforce your strengths and interest in the position.
If you think this is the job for you, make sure to express your interest in the position at the end of the interview. Your interviewer will be able to sense your enthusiasm! Remind your interviewer of your strengths and why you would be the perfect match for the job.
2. Ask questions. 
An interview is not a one-way street; you need to be as informed about the position and company as the employer needs to be about you. You will be judged as much by the questions you ask, as you are how you respond.  Asking questions is another way to express your interest in the job and demonstrate that you were engaged in the interview.
3. Say thank you. 
Once the interview has come to an end, you should always thank whoever was interviewing you. Thank them for the opportunity to have been interviewed and thank them for taking the time to interview you. A friendly smile and firm hand-shake combined with a thank you, is a great way to close the interview.
If you follow these steps when closing your interview, you’ll be remembered by the interviewer and seen as professional. This technique will let you leave your interview confident and professional!

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