It’s our goal to find the perfect candidate for the job.


When searching for the perfect candidate, we often have a specific skill set envisioned for the job. Employers understand the difficulty that may come along with filling positions in your business and finding a solution. Here at TriStaff, it’s our job to ensure your positions are matched with the skill set you have in mind. Vice President of TriStaff, Jason van Eik, always makes sure his clients are satisfied and matched with the right fit for the job.

A few months ago, Jason was working with TriStaff client Robson Homes when they expressed their need for an offsite superintendent and the struggles they were having trying to fulfill the position. Jason flew out to meet with Robson Homes to find a solution for them. They had received multiple bids from various Civil companies in the area averaging $330,000 to complete the project.

“I mentioned the idea of bringing in a guy for 9 months to do the job,” Jason said. “And at the end of 9 months he would move onto a new opportunity.”

This would save Robson Homes about $150,000; they were thrilled with the solution. They agreed this would be the best course of action and made an offer to Jason’s offsite, who accepted, and began the project.

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