Kacey Short shares her story about her un-expected opportunity as a Technical Recruiter at TriStaff


In 2015, Kacey Short joined the TriStaff team as a full-time Technical Recruiter. Kacey did not grow up thinking she would fall into the shoes of a recruiter, but her position could not be a better fit for her.

Kacey was considering attending Grad school in the beginning of 2014, and began her search for a job with a flexible timeline. Kacey came into TriStaff and met with Senior Staffing Recruiter, Tammy Toledo, who quickly placed Kacey into an administrative role for a client in Torrey Pines. In October 2014, Tammy asked Kacey to work for her part-time in the Staffing Division at TriStaff.

After six short months in Staffing, Kacey was given the opportunity to move into TriStaff’s Technical department and work under the Director of IT Recruitment, Kanani Masterson. Kacey has been working as a Technical Recruiter for five months now and has found herself taking online classes to learn how to code in her down-time.

“If you would have asked me one-year ago where I picture myself in the future, I never would have guessed I’d be a full-time Technical Recruiter for an agency,” Kacey said. “Although, this isn’t the job I pictured myself doing when I was younger, I consider it to be a success because I love what I do and I’m continually challenged by the ever-changing Tech industry.”

Here at TriStaff, Kacey challenges herself everyday with new goals in her position as a Technical Recruiter. After taking the jump to make the decision to put Grad school on hold and stay in her position at TriStaff, Kacey has taken full advantage of the opportunity that came her way and says this is the best real-world learning experience she could have been given.

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