How to create a professional appearance on Social Media during your job hunt.



Social media continues to shape our lives from how we gather news, connect and network with one another, and gives us an insight into someone else’s life. Social media can be a powerful or a harmful tool during your job search. It allows possible employers to gain knowledge on who you are as a person, before your interview. What they find could make or break you getting an interview with them.

Here’s a Social Media Checklist to help you create a professional public appearance on your social media accounts during your job search.

Privacy Settings
When was the last time you checked to see what your public profile looks like? Make sure your account is set to private and the only information you are sharing publicly is something you would want your future employer to see.
Unprofessional Photos
Remember, your future employer might not think the “funny” and provocative picture of you drinking a beer is professional. Save these pictures for your friends and family. Think of social media as a resume. What pictures would you show the hiring manager or your boss?
Would you swear in a job interview? Let’s hope not. Bad language and profanity on your social media accounts does not convey that you are a professional in the work place.
Did one of your friends tag a not so appropriate picture of you? Make sure to go through all your tagged photos and remove yourself from the ones that well, should stay hidden.  Don’t let a throw back picture from your college days stain your reputation.
Social Media Presence
Not having a social media presence can be as harmful as having a negative one. Having a social media account does more than give employers an insight to who you are, it allows you to stay connected. Having a positive social media presence shows that you are up-to-date with technology and those around you.

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