What to do when you feel stuck in your job.

When you are first hired at a job, there is a rush of excitement. You set goals, you’re motivated, and you are excited to show up to work everyday. As time passes, you reach your goals, you may become less motivated, and your job might become more of habit than a career. At this point you may begin to feel like you are stuck in your job.

It is not uncommon to hit a career roadblock. The question then becomes, how do you get un-stuck in your career? Here are five tips on how to get back on your excelling career path.

  1. Ask yourself why you first took the job.
    1. When you first accepted your current job offer, you took the job for a specific reason. What inspired you to begin your career?
  2. Set new goals.
    1. Setting goals is a great way to stay inspired. When you have something to strive for, your work ethic will be reflected positively.
  3. Think about switching jobs.
    1. If you feel you’ve maxed out your talents at your current job and no longer think you can continue to grow, it might be time to consider switching companies. You may the best at what you do, but being challenged and appreciated is a great way to ensure your ultimate career success.
  4. Become comfortable with change.
    1. After being in the same job for many years, you may become too comfortable. This can lead to feeling stuck when it is time for change within the company or within your field. Stay up-to-date with new technologies and become comfortable with change.
  5. Check your skill set.
    1. Are you in a competitive career field? Falling behind on your skills may cause you to feel intimidated; leading you to feel stuck in your career. Stay on top of your skills and ensure that you’re as cutting-edge as you were when you first entered the industry.

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