How is your attitude effecting your job search?



Have you been putting yourself down about your job search? Telling yourself you’re not good enough and getting overwhelmed during interviews? A bad attitude towards your job search could cause you to struggle with landing a job. You may be the most qualified, but if the job you’re applying for requires any face-to-face communication, you should have a positive attitude and approach. Employers are looking for more than a skill-set, they are looking for someone that will fit into their working community.

Here’s what you should check your attitude for.

1. Laziness
Do you think you haven’t been putting in the appropriate amount of time and effort to each job you apply for? Job-hunting can be tedious and frustrating, but be cautious of the amount of work you are putting into your applications and interviews. Each application is one step closer to your new job.

2. Lack of Confidence
Have you found yourself being hesitant when applying for a job? Or being uncertain during an interview? You must be confident in yourself in order to succeed. If you are not confident in yourself, why would an employer be? Remind yourself that you are good enough.

3. Presumptuous
Have you ever been told you’re cocky? Its important to be confident in yourself during your job search, but don’t be over confident to the point that you are coming off arrogant. Highlight your expertise; don’t brag about them.

4. Complacent
Are you one to just go with the flow? You’re content with your achievements are not looking to set new goals. Being too easy-going can be taken as being careless. Be proud of your work and skill-set, it’s crucial to securing your next job and it shows your future employer you are motivated to work.

A positive attitude can do more than help your job search, it can change the way you look at your career and make a happier work place!

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