Did you know working with a recruiter is like picking up the advance to start and collect $200 card in Monopoly? A recruiter will not hand you $200 but they will help you skip ahead a few steps in your job search. Recruiters have connections to companies that you don’t, and with these connections could come your next job.


So what is a recruiter anyway? A recruiter works with companies in a variety of industries to find qualified candidates for a job opening. They work with both the employer and the candidate to find a perfect match for the job. So are recruiters and headhunters the same thing? A headhunter is a nickname for a recruiter that gives them a bad reputation. Recruiters don’t just fill any job position; they help their candidates find the best match for their skill set, just like they find the perfect talent for the company they work for.


Now that you know what a recruiter does, let’s talk about what it means to work with a recruiter. Working with a recruiter is like working with a personal trainer. They have insights on the job market, they overlook your resume and qualifications before the employer does, they make sure you’re not wasting your time, and most importantly they help guide you through the entire job search process. When you start working with your recruiter, you’ll develop a personable relationship where they only want the best for you, and they’re going to make sure you find that best-fit job.


A recruiter is specialized in a specific network, which is to your benefit! They can help you stand-out among other applicants and best of all, they have prior connections to employers that trust them and value their opinions. The best part about working with a recruiter is it’s cost-free. Recruiters are paid by the company that hired them to fill their job openings; that means you’ve gained a professional job-coach as a friend.


So what does it mean to work with a recruiter anyway? Working with a recruiter advances your job search and speeds up the process. Don’t be afraid, they won’t bite!


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