We get it, job descriptions can be: long, boring, and sometimes translate into gibberish. But it is extremely important that you read the entire job description for a variety of reasons. Job descriptions contain valuable information that can only benefit you as an applicant. Here’s why you should always read the entire job description.

1. You could be applying for the wrong job.

Job titles can be deceiving and more often than not you find a case where a Relationship Manager is not someone who manages relationships… That’s where the job description comes into play. Do not be fooled by a title that you feel matches your needs and skill set. Take a few minutes to read the description and be sure that you are applying for the correct job

 2. Job descriptions contain valuable information.

Most likely the job description will let you know the company that you’d be applying for, the location of the job, and what the company is looking for in an employee. This information can help you tailor your resume to the company’s description and gives you access to more information about the company. What if you don’t agree with their values? What if you have to work a 22-hour day? What if the job is in Alaska and you live in New Mexico? The job description will always contain this valuable information to help you decide if it’s right for you or not.

3. It’s a sign you are actually interested.

Applying for the wrong job is one thing, but applying for the wrong job and explaining why your Communications Degree is beneficial to an Engineering Cloud position is called #blacklisted. The company (or recruiter) could have the perfect job for you but because you gave them the red flag – you’re not going to be hired. Reading the job description is a sign that you care enough about the job you’re applying for and that you are actually interested. Don’t let one mistake prevent you from the right opportunity.

4. It can help you decide if this job will make you happy.

Besides having a job, will you be happy doing this job? The job title might read Administrative Assistant but the job description could read of something more like a personal coffee fetcher. It’s crucial to read the job duties and responsibilities in a job description. This will help you decide if this job will really make you happy or if it’s not the best fit for you and your skill set!

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