It’s no secret that Facebook is a huge marketplace. Facebook is expanding its reach from a family and friends outpost to a worldwide community. Facebook has added many new features to improve the digital platform and to help satisfy your daily needs over the last year. Today we’re talking about Facebook’s move to make it easier than ever to apply for a job.


Facebook’s job board is easy to use, straightforward, and promotes real, quality jobs AND applicants. What better way to apply for a job than using your Facebook profile as a resume? It’s almost a skip in the hiring process (for both parties). Facebook uses it’s algorithm to take precautions on what businesses have a Business Facebook Page. The process allows applicants to view the company’s Facebook Page, see who they are, and they can see if the business is verified by Facebook with a grey checkmark next to their name.

Facebook New Job Feature – TriStaff Group of Companies

Almost half of smartphone users spend more than 5 hours per day on their mobile device. This was no secret to Facebook, that’s why they made the job feature 100% mobile friendly. Applicants can apply to any job on Facebook directly from their mobile device (no additional uploads needed). Facebook pulls information directly from the applicant’s profile and displays it as a resume and allows the applicant to edit the information as well.

Facebook Mobile Job Feature – TriStaff Group of Companies

The process works vice-versa for companies who are publishing a job post. The company is able to see the applicant’s actual Facebook profile (only information that is set to be shared public by the user). This allows the company more insight on who is applying for their job before the interview process begins. Did we mention it’s free to use? So far, the Facebook job feature is a win-win for everyone involved.

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