Job Ads and Job Posts are the same thing right? Find candidates and fill the position. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one confusing Job Ads and Job Posts. Although the two are similar and serve the same purpose, they are different from one-another.

A job post is designed to describe the job. This is where you want to include all the information about the job; the nitty gritty info, the requirements (duties, education, skills, experience), aka the boring necessary information. If you need help writing an eye-catching job post check out our blog on How To Write The Perfect Job Post.


On the other hand, a job ad is designed to sell the job. This is where you push the “why”. Why should you apply for this job with this company and why you would want to work for this job at this company. Although both are appropriate for job boards, you’ll want to lean towards a job ad when posting on most outlets.

So when do I use a job post? Job posts are ideal for your website and more descriptive job boards. Think of a job post as the landing spot for your job ad. Job ads are designed to get attention and sell (key word “ad”). Use job ads to highlight the job. Pretend you’re pitching an idea to an investor; express the good and emphasize the why. Job ads are excellent for outlets such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Google Jobs, places that aren’t specific to job listings but offer a valuable turnout.

Here’s an example of a Job Ad for a Product Development Engineer:


Here’s an example of a Job Post for a Senior Healthcare Engineer:


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