It’s true, how you write a job post can affect the results you receive on it. Here’s how to write the perfect job post!

1. Use an eye-catching title.
The title of your job post should be clear and to the point. The job title is the first thing an applicant will see. Eliminate all confusion, get their attention, and keep it short. No extra information is needed in the job title.

2. Short and sweet description of the position.
Now that you’ve got their attention with the title, write a job description as if you were explaining the job to a friend. Choose one or two details that are most exciting about the job (or company) and a brief description of what the job responsibilities/expectations are. Think of this as an introduction; don’t overwhelm your reader with too many details.

3. Use bullet points for job duties and requirements.
Bullet points are an easy way to organize and layout the job duties and it’s easy to get carried away. This is not a laundry list; only use the essential bullet points and separate job duties from education, and skill requirements. Remember: write a job ad that you would read.

4. Clearly state the education, experience, and skill requirements.
If your job requires a Masters in Physics or your candidate must have experience in all Microsoft platforms, make sure that is clear. Bullet points are a great way to organize this section and make it visibly appealing. This section of your job post saves you and the applicant time, so it’s best to be as specific as possible here.

5. Know your platform.
There are a variety of different job post platforms from LinkedIn, to Craigslist, to Monster, and even Facebook. Copying and pasting the same advertisement on all platforms is the easiest way to get things done but it could end up hurting you in the long run. Detail the layout of your job ad for the platform you’re posting it on – just like you’d detail a cover letter to the company you’re applying to.

6. Wrap it up.
Leave the reader ready to apply. Include your contact information, how to apply, and what you need from them (resume, cover letter, references, etc.).

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to writing an eye-catching job post.


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