Employers love to Google search their job applicants and often times, due to the Google algorithm, LinkedIn is the first social profile that will be listed. LinkedIn is one of the top (and most reliable) recruiting sites. Having a top-notch LinkedIn profile puts you ahead of other candidates when applying for a job. Here are our top 5 things to keep out of your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Inappropriate, racy, or risqué profile images
    Think of your LinkedIn profile photo as how you would present yourself at an interview. LinkedIn is a place for professional behavior and your profile photo should reflect that. Stray away from selfies, poor quality photos, photos at the bar, or any photo you wouldn’t feel comfortable showing your future boss.
  2. Incorrect spelling and grammatical errors
    Just like a resume, your LinkedIn profile should not contain any spelling or grammar errors. Triple check your profile to make sure something didn’t slip by you.
  3. Political or religious rants
    It is illegal for an interviewer to ask your religious affiliation or beliefs. Keep your personal beliefs out of your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Criticism of a person, organization, or entity group
    Positive or negative criticism can be perceived incorrectly online. Whether your intentions are good or evil, stray away from any form of criticism in your profile.
  5. Harmful or inappropriate comments on other blog posts and status updates
    Did you know that your LinkedIn profile includes your comments on other LinkedIn users blogs and status updates? We’ve all been there; the temptation to leave your opinion on Darth Vader’s status ranting about the Empire. Calm your fingers and keep scrolling. Instead of leaving a negative comment, just unfollow the user.

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