Going to an interview is difficult enough without the anxious jitters. But that does not mean we don’t still get them! One of the hardest parts of the job search is to relax while under the pressure from potential bosses. Here are six tips to get pumped up for your interview and land your dream job!


land your dream job get pumped up for your interview


1.                      Listen to feel-good music

Music is a powerful tool we can use to influence our emotions. Even listening to a few minutes of pump-up music can be enough to change your whole day. Utilize this by blasting some beats you can jam to, right before your interview. This will help you let loose and boost dopamine levels.

2.                      Wear something that makes you feel confident

Appearance may not be everything. However, when it comes to interviews, our appearance introduces us. Be sure to pick an outfit that is professional and flattering. Showing up to an interview in uncomfortable clothes can be enough to change it’s entire course.

3.                      Have your friends give you a pep-talk

Social activity with people we love, can be very comforting. Get together with some friends before the interview and ask them to motivate you. This will make you feel supporting and believed-in. Using this simple tactic can do wonders for your presence in an interview. Confidence is everything.

4.                      Smile and laugh in front of the mirror

One of the biggest problems we see, is candidates getting so caught up in anxiety, that they blow the whole opportunity. Remember to not build up too much pressure, the employers are people too. Take few minutes to smile and laugh at yourself in the mirror. Smiling itself increases serotonin. This will help boost your mood, and remind you not to take it too seriously.

5.                      Have a good meal and drink plenty of water

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Got an early interview? Make sure to eat a nutritious meal before heading out. It is important to have plenty of energy and optimized cognitive function. Do not skip out on hydration, make sure to include a large glass of water beforehand.

6.                      Exercise

Physical activity is a must. This will help burn out any pre-interview nerves, as well as provide endorphins for a calm happy mood. However, be careful not to burn yourself out. It is important not to overexert and be left exhausted for the interview. Something as simple as a walk outside can be enough to get the job done.


Practicing habits that promote confidence and relaxation is largely important. However, do not forget it all comes down to mentality. Though interviewing can certainly be scary, recruiters are human too. Remember, you are interviewing them as well, to make sure the position is a good fit on both ends. Just stay calm, be yourself and remember the right career for you will come along!

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