About Us

The story of TriStaff

TriStaff, a prominent staffing agency based in San Diego, began its journey in 1971 when Rich Papike and Gary van Eik started as junior recruiters at a San Diego executive search firm. They eventually acquired the firm, expanding its services to include temporary staffing and consulting divisions over the years.

In November 2023, TriStaff underwent a significant change when the temporary staffing divisions were acquired by Amtec, a seasoned player in the staffing industry for over 60 years. The acquisition marked a strategic move for both parties, aligning with Amtec's commitment to building partnerships and making a positive impact in the world of work.

By joining forces with Amtec, TriStaff gained access to its extensive experience and resources, positioning itself for continued growth and success in the competitive staffing market. Together, TriStaff and Amtec stand as strong allies, dedicated to serving clients with integrity and excellence while enriching the lives of individuals through meaningful work experiences.