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Seeking workforce flexibility? Save costs and avoid long-term commitments by hiring skilled contract professionals. For over 50 years, Tristaff has expertly matched companies with temporary contractors in San Diego. Our deep recruitment experience and vast candidate network enable us to quickly fill any gaps in your team, ensuring timely completion of projects, seasonal demands, or short-term needs.

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We fully grasp your contract staffing needs and eagerly present Tristaff's customized solution.



Tristaff tailors staffing tools and designs a customized interview process specifically for your contract roles.



For your contract positions, we pinpoint the top 3-5 candidates, schedule interviews, and conduct reference verifications.



Tristaff manages background screenings, negotiates salaries, and helps create offer letters for contract hires, guaranteeing a smooth onboarding journey.



We maintain communication to facilitate seamless transitions for your contract staff and offer insights for addressing future contract staffing requirements.

Why Choose Tristaff for Temporary Professional Talent?

  • With over five decades of proven success, we consistently provide top-tier contract professionals to fulfill temporary requirements.
  • We have a thorough grasp of every sector we serve, including the unique challenges each faces in meeting short-term employment needs.
  • We understand specific position requirements, company culture norms, and distinct employment dynamics.
  • We benefit from an extensive talent network, enabling our contract team to promptly locate qualified temporary contractors as required.
  • We conduct comprehensive screenings, including interviews, reference and background checks, drug tests, and other necessary assessments for temporary positions.
  • We prioritize ensuring that filling temporary positions, regardless of duration, results in a mutually beneficial outcome for both the company and the contractor.

Tristaff efficiently sources temporary contract professionals for your company, freeing up management to focus on core operations.

Your Next Temporary Professional with TriStaff

While your employees are undoubtedly crucial to your company's success, employment needs can fluctuate unexpectedly. Beyond the standard dynamics of talent turnover due to promotions, retirements, career shifts, or competition, companies often encounter short-term shifts in specific employment requirements. Seasonal fluctuations, consumer trends, or short- to long-term project demands may necessitate temporary adjustments. Additionally, key personnel may face temporary absence due to illness or leave.

Rapidly Address Temporary Employment Gaps

Regardless of the cause behind your temporary employment requirements, TriStaff stands as your invaluable ally in securing the ideal professional talent to fulfill those needs. Whether it's on short notice, pre-planned, or part of a long-term employment strategy, partnering with TriStaff guarantees swift and efficient resolution of any staffing gaps within your team. TriStaff's contract staffing also offers cost savings by removing human resources overhead, with our contractors managed under our payroll while working under your company's supervision.

TriStaff Contract Candidates are Rigorously Vetted

At TriStaff, we subject all contract candidates to rigorous vetting. Our process starts with a face-to-face meeting conducted by our recruitment specialists. This allows us to gain insight into your company, its unique workplace culture, and temporary position requirements. TriStaff recruiters typically enter these meetings with a solid grasp of company operations and the diverse roles within the organization. While every company is unique, our decades-long experience in recruitment equips us with a nuanced understanding of each sector we serve and the specific professional profiles required.

Our Contract Hire Recruits Come with a Two-Day Guarantee

Following our initial meeting, TriStaff recruiters meticulously review our talent network to pinpoint candidates aligning with the temporary position's criteria. We present top candidates to your company and conduct any further screening required. Upon hiring, our contract recruits are supported by a two-day performance guarantee. Should they fall short of expectations, TriStaff will swiftly arrange a replacement at no cost to your company for the first two days of work.

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