Just a quick Thank you for sourcing great candidates for us in Pasadena. You are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate your hard work.

Best wishes and stay in touch.

Erich C. Bollinger – EVP/Chief Banking Officer

Plaza Bank


Erich C. Bollinger – EVP/Chief Banking Officer

“Megan Marsh is not your ordinary recruiter. She will be with you at every step of the way clearly communicating with you and your prospective employer from beginning to end with nothing lost to translation. She has placed me at a start-up company in January 2011. Her methodologies were very effective and ethical. I was nicely surprised. As far as I am concerned, she sets the standards as a recruiter. My new engineering co-workers agree with me as well. Megan is very adept matching the right candidate with the right company.

I highly recommend her and I thank her for a job well done. I am currently very happy with the engineering team I am working with and with the engineering challenges I have been tasked to solve.”

Biagio Agostinelli – Senior Mechanical Engineer

It was a pleasure working with Jill. I had a great experience. She performed a lot of work in the background that helped me with the interview and hiring process. She helped me with scheduling the interview, providing information required by the recruiters, providing background about the company, the hiring process, personnel involved, reference checks and with the offer. She followed up after I joined the company too. She was always prompt and available to answer any questions that I had during the process. It was a great asset having her on my side. I strongly recommend her as a recruiter. Feel free to contact me for further questions.

Kanchan Joshi – Principal Scientist at SenDx Medical, a Radiometer Company.

Jill is an excellent resource. She is creative in her approach to sourcing and works quickly to identify qualified candidates. She asks good questions of both the hiring manager and the candidates to make sure there is a fit. She is also personable and fun to work with.

Bernie Rosenthal – General Manager at ANSYS, Inc.

I have used Jill for the last 13 years to hire a number of engineers covering disciplines from ASIC to RF to Testing etc. She has always managed to find the right candidates for me. She is very good at looking at the resumes that resonate with a specific position and digging deep to find multiple candidates for a position. At times, I have given her assignments that I thought were almost impossible to crack but she has always come through for me. I would highly recommend Jill!

Michiel Lotter – CTO & VP Engineering at Nextivity, Inc.

I had a chance to work with Jill when I was looking for a new position in my career. She was very professional, always pleasant and technically knowledgeable. She constantly kept in touch with me for any current and future opportunities but at the same time, providing general and personal tips to help me with the job interview process. I felt lucky and confident in having her working with me and helping me all the way.
For all the above reasons, I sincerely and strongly recommend her for whomever needs to make a change in his or her career. Jill is the right person to go with.

Minh Chung – Consultant Quality Engineer, Product Development at Illumina, Inc.

We at Nextivity have been using Jill to help us with staffing for some time. I personally, as the lead of the systems team, have had the opportunity to work with her on filling two very important positions recently.

The first, for a senior antenna engineer, was not an easy search considering our very specific needs. Yet, Jill managed to source nearly a dozen people – five of whom could have been good fits and one of whom was. The quality of the candidates presented, the wide geographic diversity and their consistently high skill set implied that Jill spread the net wide and screened for deep skills sets prior to even presenting them to us. This suggests a very high level of understanding of what we needed and diligence to meet those needs.

The second was for a very senior systems/ modem design engineer. While San Diego may feel like fertile hunting ground – it is infact not any easier here. Yet, once again, she brought to us at least six or more candidates – all high quality, many of whom we could have selected, and one of whom we ended up hiring. She understood that we not only needed systems skills but real product development and deployment skills and found just the right person for us.

Considering these direct experiences I am duly impressed and plan to use Jill’s services whenever need arises for finding solid engineers. Beyond that I highly recommend her to anyone needing to find and employ engineers with deep skills. She does this in a professional, timely and ethical way and understands what ownership means.

Ramakrishna Akella – Director, R&D at Nextivity, Inc.

Karen and her team have always provided me with the most reliable temps.  They have consistently connected me with people who meet my needs here in the realm of Quality Assurance.  I have met some amazing hard workers through her recommendations and we have had two successful temp-to-hires made possible thanks to the TriStaff group.

In my line of work, shipments come only two or three times a month; and the quantity of units coupled with the level of scrutiny varies on a case-by-case basis.  In every case, I’ve turned to TriStaff to send me the most suited candidates for the unique tasks at hand. I trust her instinct in knowing who is the best fit for the job.  I’ve given her feedback for everyone she’s sent in my direction and, in turn, she’s sent me only the best.

I would recommend TriStaff to anyone in need of temp labor or even looking for a new hire. Karen and her team will never disappoint!  Likewise, I would encourage anyone in need of employment or searching to broaden their career path options to talk to TriStaff about their services.  Cheers, TriStaff!

Colton Apodaca, Quality Control & Production Lead at Thirty Three Threads

I recently had the good fortune of getting to work with TriStaff Branch Manager, Jim Kearns. From the start he was extremely professional. He was always available to contact and actively maintained communications with me. Being very knowledgeable about both the position and the company that I was interested in, he was able to honestly answer all of my questions.

Rohhan K., Software Engineer

TriStaff Group and their Senior Technical Recruiter, Jim Kearns, were very accommodating in getting my contracting career started. Jim is very responsive to all of my questions, and his guidance helped me pursue my current career.

Brian N., IT Consultant/Contract Programmer